Black Sunset Music is now an Armada Music label

In September 2012 I kicked off Black Sunset Music by self publishing my own release “Stay With Me” featuring the vocals of Nicki Minshall. I knew absolutely nothing about the business side of the music industry aside from how a track gets from the artist to the fan. At the time all I wanted was my own platform to promote my own brand of music on my own terms. I quickly became addicted to the feeling you get when you enable others to release their own productions to an audience. Seeing the way I could impact the motivation of artists through a label was completely new to me and I was in love with it.

I decided that I was going to take it seriously and quit my job. Two years passed and I was en route to attending my first ADE. I travelled with one of my artists (Assaf) and one of the board members (David). It was at this time I hired Assaf and gave him a seat on the board. We took the time to discuss the future of Black Sunset during that ADE and came home ready to work.

It’s been almost two years since that point and I’m pleased to say that we have secured a partnership with Armada Music. Black Sunset is now part of the Armada Music family of labels. We decided to partner with Armada because they share our views, methods, attention to quality, and love for electronic dance music. Black Sunset is proud of this accomplishment and I’m particularly proud of my team, artists, and our supporters. Together we’ve accomplished something that, in 2012, I thought might be a bit unrealistic.